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Greetings,My name is MrAntiFun I have been a member of this website for 4 years. In the past I have created a Assassins Creed Rogue V1.00 trainer which has been downloaded over 300,000+ times. I wanted to create one for this game as well because it is not working out very well for me and I will need to get rid of it soon. In the end this version was not as successful as my other trainers were but if you're interested in the Assassins Creed Rogue 1. 00 trainer you can get it at the following link. am not sure if Ubisoft has made any patches yet, but it is very likely that they will soon enough and I will not be able to keep this game up for much longer, so if you like the game or like my work on this game please do support my new project at the following link.

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